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Life is impossible without Chemistry. The Chemistry department is oldest department of this institution and this department is also established in 1964. The Chemistry has given rise to number of new materials that allow many types of engineering to advance. The Department's strong record of achievement is solidly based on chemical research, its success in incorporating these advances into teaching, lab work and research field and its close relationship to government and industry.


Quick Facts

Year of Start
: 1964
Head of Deapartment
: Prof. Manoj Solanki

The use of chemistry within the field of engineering can broadly be divided into two main areas. The first area is concerned with the application of chemistry as the basis of power generating machinery, such as combustion engines. Knowledge of chemistry and chemical reactions is required in the design and subsequent production of such power generating equipment.


The second area of use is chemical engineering, where the main purpose is to transform raw materials into more valuable or useful forms. Chemical engineers use their knowledge of chemistry to design, improve and maintain processes involving chemical and/ or biological transformations for use within large scale manufacture and other area of use in chemical engineering design, distillation, filtration etc.

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